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May 2015 Archives

California attorney counsels patients with anesthesia injuries

It can be nerve-wracking for California patients to put their lives in the hands of a doctor, particularly if that doctor is an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists, who are responsible for the administration of anesthesia to a patient, as well as the patient's condition as the patient recovers from the anesthesia's effects, bear a tremendous responsibility as they work with the potent effects of these medications that can render a person unconscious.

Is a reported adverse event the same as hospital negligence?

California legislators recognize the importance of attentive, thorough, and error-free care in the state's hospitals. A California law known as SB 1301 is designed to encourage better care by requiring disclosure of medical errors to the patient who was treated, as well as to the public. SB 1301 defines 28 specific adverse events, which are medical occurrences leading to the possibility of serious bodily harm or imminent danger of death. These adverse events may occur at acute psychiatric or general hospitals, or at special hospitals, and may be episodes of possible medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice lawsuit filed following Joan Rivers' death

Joan Rivers lived a long and full life. Well-known to many for her comedy and sharp wit, she received a lot of attention for her role as a television commentator on a fashion show with her daughter, Melissa Rivers, who lives in California. Unfortunately, Joan's life ended suddenly following what her daughter Melissa contends was surgical error.

Responsibility for a California birth injury may be far-reaching

Bringing a child into this world is a beautiful event that brings joy and excitement for families. Unfortunately, sometimes infants suffer birth injuries or mothers suffer injuries during the childbirth process. These injuries may be due to another's negligence, specifically, the actions of medical professionals during the birthing process. Determining who was at fault and who was responsible for the injuries is essential if a person chooses to move forward with a medical malpractice lawsuit in California.