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July 2016 Archives

Deaf patients suffer from hospital negligence in California

Doctors and nurses must communicate with the patients who come into their emergency rooms in order to provide effective treatment. They must be able to understand what bought a patient into the hospital, a patient's medical history and allergies, as well as ongoing symptoms. When medical providers fail to effectively communicate with patients, errors may occur causing serious harm. This could also constitute hospital negligence.

Study reveals medical malpractice via sexual abuse of patients

California residents may be interested to learn of a recent study that points to alarming findings in the medical field. The study, published by the "Atlanta Journal-Constitution" (AJC), following a year of investigation, found that the prevalence of sexual abuse by physicians against patients was frighteningly common and widespread.

Study says some hospitals lack policy for certain surgical errors

For patients who go to the hospital for a surgical procedure, there is an inherent trust that goes into allowing doctors and operating room staff to perform it. It is a tragic reality, though, that there are occasionally mistakes made, whether it is wrong-site surgery, surgical equipment left inside a patient, or some other form of a surgeon mistake. Research is undertaken to see how and why these surgical errors happen, as well as to determine how facilities deal with it. One study in particular found that one hospital out of five in the U.S. has failed to adopt a protocol to deal with what are known as "never events."

Attorney seeks compensation for clients' major medication errors

Oftentimes, California patients rely on prescription medications in times of need. Whether they are in the hospital receiving medication intravenously, at home recovering from surgery and taking powerful pills, or simply taking a daily prescription to manage an ongoing health concern, prescription medications can be an important key in Californians' safety and health. Therefore, when prescription medication errors occur, the health of California residents may be severely jeopardized.