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October 2015 Archives

Major settlement awarded after patient suffers serious injury

When patients are ill or injured, they often rely on medical care professionals to determine the proper course of treatment. While this usually helps the patient fully recover, if errors are made, this could put the patient in an even worse condition.

In what ways do medical mistakes injure California patients?

So often medical care is focused on what happens in the moment of actually treating an injury or a disease - the steps taken, the medication given, the surgery performed. Unfortunately, during the act of treating a California patient's condition, mistakes can be made and medical malpractice occurs. What then happens after the mistakes are made?

Failure to protect medical records can be medical malpractice

As many California patients know, doctors cannot share patients' confidential medical information without their patients' consent, expect in very limited circumstances. To do so may constitute a serious doctor error. What patients may not know, however, is what to do if their records are improperly shared by a medical provider.

Child dies following hospital staff's medication error

A family tragically lost a child recently in what was supposed to be a safe place - a hospital. The child, just seven months old, was given the wrong drug by medical staff and died following the medication error. California parents will surely empathize with the completely devastating situation this little boy's family is undoubtedly facing.

Helping California patients following emergency room errors

Emergency rooms are often fast-paced, frantic environments. California patients typically visit emergency rooms when they have urgent health concerns that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled doctor's visit. In these urgent moments, doctors and nurses have to make quick assessments about a patient's health condition. Unfortunately, working at a frantic pace, as emergency room doctors often do, can lead to mistakes.