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September 2014 Archives

Will digital diagnostic coding improve patient safety?

Readers might assume that digitized medical records could positively impact patient safety. On an individual level, digital records might improve accessibility and readability among all members on a patient’s care team. On a systemic level, digital records that include treatment outcomes might also serve as an indicator of a hospital’s safety record. At a minimum, the transparency might provide for greater accountability in the event of medical negligence or doctor mistake.

Parents allege doctor failed to diagnose their son's condition

Nothing may give more anxiety to parents than having a child undergo surgery. Parents may investigate various options in an effort to learn more about the reputations of various facilities. Yet there is no comprehensive database for evaluating the quality of care provided by doctors across the country.  

Taking another look at surgical errors

In a recent article, we discussed some of the causes for the alarmingly high rate at which surgical tools have been left in patients since 2005. The risk seems to be elevated in emergency situations and/or when hospital staff deviated from established surgical protocols and procedures.