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California mother alleges medical malpractice against provider

Legal recourse is available to victims of medical malpractice. A California mother has brought a claim for medical malpractice following her assertion that her son was misdiagnosed. According to the woman, her son was diagnosed with a viral infection for symptoms which ultimately turned out to be the result of a penny lodged in his esophagus. The woman reports that her 8-month old son had a fever and a rash that were worsening but that her concerns and requests for additional tests were dismissed.

The woman also noted she returned 5 times for treatment and care but was concerned the medical staff was questioning her ability to pay for the medical care. She eventually took her son to an emergency care provider and an x-ray of the boy revealed a penny lodged in his esophagus. The penny, which doctors speculate was in the boy's esophagus for 3 weeks or longer, based on corrosion, was inhibiting the boy's breathing. He was rushed to a children's hospital to have the penny removed.

A specialist later revealed to the family that the lodged penny caused his symptoms and also caused the boy to suffer two large ulcers. The mother of the boy is seeking medical bills and lost wages while she diligently pursued her son's healthcare. Because of the confidence and trust placed in health care providers during a vulnerable time, medical malpractice is a serious concern for victims. A failure to diagnose can result in a worsened condition and ever worsening harm.

When a misdiagnosis has occurred, it is important to understand how to address it and that legal remedies may be available to help victims and their families with the physical, financial and emotional damages associated with medical malpractice. Victims of medical malpractice and their families should be aware that they are protected and be familiar with the resources available to protect them.

Source:, "Long Beach Mother Claims Malpractice After Providers Ignored Symptoms of 8-Month-Old Boy With Penny Stuck in Esophagus," Cindy Von Quednow, Nov. 17, 2016

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