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Protecting the rights of patients following a surgical error

Surgical errors have been described as never events. As a previous post discussed, this is when an event that should have never occurred did occur. While patients in San Diego put trust and reliance in surgeons and their medical teams, the truth is that everyone working in a surgical room is prone to human errors. Such a condition presents the possibility of surgical mistakes and potential harms to the patient.

While patients preparing to undergo a surgical procedure are well aware of the common risks present with the surgery they are about to have, it is obvious that some risks or dangers are not common or present. Therefore, when these events happen, it is clear that they would not have occurred without the negligence of a medical professional.

At the Law Offices of Steven I Kastne, we understand that patients are never prepared to deal with the news and aftermath of a never event occurring during surgery. Thus, we are dedicated to helping California residents understand their rights and explore their options.

When a surgeon or surgical staff member fails to uphold their duty of care while operating on a patient, this will likely cause harm to the patient. Our legal team has helped countless clients after suffering injuries due to surgical errors, which include wrong site surgeries, incorrect medical procedures, nerve damage, foreign objects left in the body following surgery, anesthesia errors and other similar surgical mistakes.

To learn more, check out our surgical errors website. Our legal team has the experience, resources and skills required to collect the necessary information to determine the cause of a surgical mistake, helping a harmed patient recover compensation for medical expenses and other damages arising for the incident.

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