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When a California patient is harmed by a doctor, he or she likely experiences trauma on multiple levels. Most obviously, the impact of doctor negligence can lead to physical injuries and a worsened medical condition requiring additional medical care. Perhaps less obviously, however, a victim of medical malpractice may also suffer from emotional and psychological trauma, whether the medical malpractice was in the form of a wrong-site surgery, sexual abuse, as this blog reported in a previous post, or another type of harm.

A California patient who is experiencing both medical repercussions and emotional trauma following doctor negligence may opt to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to hold a negligent doctor responsible for his or her mistakes. These victims need someone on whom they can rely. Attorney Steven I. Kastner prides himself on being a person to whom victims of medical malpractice can turn for effective legal advice. He practices extensively in the medical malpractice field, and his years of experience help him win cases for clients who have been victims of negligent doctors.

Regardless of the type of medical malpractice, Mr. Kastner can discuss with a client the possibility of pursuing a successful personal injury lawsuit. He handles cases involving doctors' failure to treat infections, incidences when doctors have proceeded with treatment without obtaining informed consent, and numerous other types of doctor errors. Often, Mr. Kastner can negotiate a favorable settlement for a client, or, alternatively, a client and Mr. Kastner may opt to take a case to trial.

However a medical malpractice case proceeds, Mr. Kastner is a tireless advocate for his patients. For additional information about his services, please visit the following webpage.

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