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August 2016 Archives

"Never event" surgical errors harm patients

A California patient who needs surgery has likely explored other medical avenues of recovery and decided on surgery as the best option. Unfortunately, though surgical procedures offer the chance for better patient health, they also present the very real possibility of surgical errors.

What is the difference between birth injury and birth defect?

When a California mother has a child, families likely anticipate that it will be a joyous occasion. Unfortunately, however, sometimes circumstances go awry and mistakes are made, whether during the course of a woman's prenatal care or during the delivery process. When a doctor or nurse has made a major mistake, sometimes there can be substantial consequences for a newborn baby, including the possibility of a birth injury.

Legal advice invaluable following medical malpractice

When a California patient is harmed by a doctor, he or she likely experiences trauma on multiple levels. Most obviously, the impact of doctor negligence can lead to physical injuries and a worsened medical condition requiring additional medical care. Perhaps less obviously, however, a victim of medical malpractice may also suffer from emotional and psychological trauma, whether the medical malpractice was in the form of a wrong-site surgery, sexual abuse, as this blog reported in a previous post, or another type of harm.

Nursing home restraint use may constitute medical malpractice

When Californians enter the care of a nursing home, or help a loved one do the same, they expect that nursing home residents will be treated not only with top-notch medical care, but also with genuine respect. Undoubtedly, they do not expect for a nursing home resident to be abused or to suffer a patient injury while in the care of trained professionals. Unfortunately, however, some nursing homes employ techniques that may lead to serious patient harm.