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Legal settlement reached following Joan Rivers' death

When a loved one pursues a medical malpractice lawsuit following a death in California, there are numerous potential outcomes, as well as benefits. Melissa Rivers, daughter of the late comedian Joan Rivers, has recently settled the medical malpractice lawsuit she filed following her mother's 2014 death.

The lawsuit stemmed from the negligent care Joan Rivers received at the Yorksville Endoscopy Center in New York during her throat surgery. In the lawsuit, Melissa alleged numerous mistakes, including doctor negligence due to the doctors' failure to take action when Joan's vital signs declined, plus the taking of selfie photographs during the procedure. Furthermore, Melissa contended that Joan's personal ear, nose and throat doctor should have been prohibited from entering the operating room during Joan's routine endoscopy procedure, when in fact the medical director of the facility allowed Joan's personal doctor to enter the room and perform a transnasal laryngoscopy, which was an unauthorized procedure on her vocal cords. Subsequently, the medical director began to perform the scheduled endoscopy, but by that point, Joan's vital signs were unstable. She subsequently went into cardiac arrest and died one week later.

According to Melissa Rivers, she believes that through the legal settlement, the parties responsible for her mother's death have now accepted responsibility for their role in her death. The amount of the legal settlement was not disclosed.

Settling a medical malpractice lawsuit often results in a favorable outcome for an injured Californian or a family who has lost a loved one. A settlement may allow them the freedom to put the troubling matter behind them with confidence. If you have questions regarding settlement options for medical malpractice lawsuits, you may wish to consult with an attorney.

Source: Newsweek, "Joan Rivers' Daughter Melissa Settles Medical Malpractice Lawsuit," Tufayel Ahmed, May 13, 2016

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