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Birth trauma causes serious harm to California families

Childbirth is supposed to be a time of happiness and growth for a family. Unfortunately, though, sometimes medical interventions are performed by negligent doctors or nurses that lead to birth injuries for an infant in California.

Infant birth trauma may occur when a doctor or nurse uses mechanical forces that harm a baby. Though relatively rare, birth injuries can be serious, even leading to the death of an infant. Almost half of birth injuries are avoidable through proper medical care and careful attention to potential obstetric risk factors. There are a number of factors that may make a birth injury more likely, and a doctor who is conscientious and alert can potentially avoid a dangerous situation.

Common mechanical forces that lead to harm during the delivery process are excessive or abnormal traction during the delivery process, as well as compression. If excessive traction or rotation is used during delivery, a baby may suffer from a spinal cord injury. Additionally, if an instrument such as a vacuum or forceps is used during delivery, then an extractor injury may be suffered. Other risk factors for birth trauma include a vaginal breech delivery and infants who are particularly large. It is essential that a careful doctor monitor the childbirth process to prevent the occurrence of serious injury.

Frighteningly, resuscitation may even cause birth trauma. A negligent doctor who does not perform a proper neurologic and physical evaluation of an infant following resuscitation may not catch additional potential injuries.

If your baby has been the victim of birth trauma due to negligent medical care, you may have a legal cause of action. An attorney may be able to offer guidance regarding the possibility of obtaining compensation for the injuries suffered under such circumstances.

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