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There are many ways that a Californian might be injured in a surgery. The potential injuries and risk will depend on the type of surgery a patient is undergoing, of course. For example, a common risk during gallbladder surgery is the risk of bile duct injuries, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Following a surgical error, whether it is one that occurred during gallbladder surgery or during another surgical procedure, a patient may not only be suffering from a worsened condition medically, but also may feel overwhelmed and betrayed by a doctor that he or she trusted. A patient who has found him or herself in such a situation needs an attorney that he or she can trust. Attorney Steven I. Kastner regularly provides trusted legal advice to his clients following care by negligent and careless surgeons.

Mr. Kastner handles all manner of surgical error cases. Alarmingly, a doctor may perform the wrong medical procedure on a patient or remove an incorrect body part. A doctor or nurse may leave a foreign object in a patient's body, such as a surgical sponge or surgical tool. All too often, doctors may cause nerve damage during surgery or injure an adjacent organ or other body part while performing surgery. Sometimes doctors will delegate surgical tasks to other members of the surgical team when in fact these medical providers are not capable of performing the required task, consequently leading to injury for a patient. Mr. Kastner can represent clients who have been injured in any of the aforementioned situations.

Regardless of the medical scenario, it is imperative that an injured Californian receive the services of a caring and skilled attorney like Steven I. Kastner following the trauma of a surgical error. For more information about our firm and we can help victims of harmful surgical procedures, please visit our website.

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