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California lawyer aids patients injured under hospital care

Hospitals are by nature supposed to be places of healing. Sick California patients enter hospitals for medical treatment and recovery. Unfortunately, however, sometimes hospitals are actually places that encourage the spread of illnesses, including dangerous superbugs, which this blog reported on in a previous post.

Patients who leave a medical facility with a germ-resistant superbug that they obtained while in the care of hospital staff may be in worse medical condition than when they entered a medical facility. The same holds true for those who have been subjected to a medication or surgical error, as well as a failure to diagnose a medical condition. A patient who has suffered harm at the hands of a medical professional, including if he or she has contracted a superbug due to hospital negligence, may have a cause of action for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Attorney Steven I. Kastner is an expert in the field of pursuing medical malpractice claims against negligent hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals. He knows how best to identify which parties may be responsible for a patient's injuries, which can be particularly tricky in cases involving superbugs. There may be many parties who are at fault for an injury or illness suffered while under hospital care, from a medical technician to a surgeon to a nurse.

Determining who is at fault can be tricky, but it is also essential in order to determine how best to proceed in a medical malpractice case. Mr. Kastner's years of experience help him assess who the potential responsible parties are in such a situation. Once Mr. Kastner has determined who the negligent parties are, his experience in defending doctors becomes invaluable for clients because he possesses the knowledge needed to know how best to win a case against a negligent doctor or other medical professional.

For additional information about how Mr. Kastner can aid a California patient, whether he or she contracted a superbug in a California facility or developed another injury, please visit the following webpage.

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