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Families may benefit from attorney's counsel after birth injury

A family that has suffered the trauma of a birth injury has likely experienced a tremendous amount of grief and pain. Whether a birth injury occurred following a placental abruption or a careless forceps delivery, as this blog discussed in a previous post, the actions of a negligent nurse or doctor leading to a birth injury can have a lifelong impact on a California family.

When a family has experienced malpractice like this, they may choose to seek compensation for damages that were suffered. Pursuing a lawsuit with the goal of obtaining financial compensation following a birth injury has numerous potential benefits. Not only can financial damages allow a family to pay for medical expenses and compensate them for their pain and suffering, but a lawsuit may also allow a family to hold the accountable parties responsible for their negligent actions.

Attorney Steven I. Kastner knows how important a lawsuit can be for a family following a birth injury. It can be the conduit that helps a family regain control of their lives and begin to rebuild after a difficult experience. Mr. Kastner is skilled at helping families during these difficult times. He has successfully pursued numerous types of birth injury lawsuits involving obstetric malpractice, including cases involving oxygen deprivation, NICU errors, and brain injury cases. Mr. Kastner knows that when obstetric malpractice occurs, serious problems may result. Whether a rupture of the uterus has occurred, separation of the placenta, or a prolapsed umbilical cord, Mr. Kastner is prepared to assist a family as they seek to right the wrongs that occurred during a course of negligent medical care.

Additional information about how attorney Steven I. Kastner can help California families with their birth injury cases is available on his website. Our firm is proud of its reputation, and we look forward to working with harmed families for years to come.

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