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California patients have important rights after medical errors

A California patient who has received poor medical treatment, or whose condition has worsened after medical care, may feel confused and vulnerable. He or she may have many unanswered questions about how a medical professional who was supposed to be helping actually caused harm, and what his or her options are moving forward. A patient may feel angry after preparing thoroughly for a medical procedure and asking crucial questions, and yet still receiving poor medical care.

A patient who finds him or herself in such a situation following treatment from a negligent physician may find legal counsel helpful. Attorney Steven I. Kastner of San Diego is committed to helping clients who have suffered serious injuries at the hands of negligent physicians or pharmacists.

Patients often need help in identifying who is legally responsible after a medication error or other injury. In certain circumstances, a doctor who is working as an independent contractor may be legally liable for the injuries a patient has suffered. A patient who has received negligent treatment in a hospital may be able to hold the hospital liable, as hospitals may be held responsible for their employees' negligence. This means that if a hospital pharmacist made a dosage mistake, or a technician administered an incorrect test, the employing hospital may be legally and financially responsible.

It can be difficult to sort out who is responsible for a patient's injuries following medical malpractice. Attorney Steven I. Kastner is experienced in this complex area of law. For additional information about how Mr. Kastner can assist California patients injured by medication errors or other medical malpractice, please visit our webpage.

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