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California attorney answers patients' malpractice questions

California patients seek medical care not only for specific medical treatment, but also because they need advice and counsel on the best course of treatment for their particular ailments. They seek to obtain answers from experienced and careful doctors. Doctors, however, may not always provide effective treatment, and they may not always answer a patient's questions properly.

Unfortunately, a patient typically does not have the luxury of knowing when he or she will receive poor treatment in advance. Sometimes a patient unknowingly may seek medical treatment from a doctor who is on probation, as this blog reported in a previous post. Therefore, when a patient has received poor medical care from a careless surgeon or negligent operating room staff and is considering pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit, a patient needs to be confident that he or she obtains expert legal advice.

The Law Offices of Steven I Kastner regularly advises patients on the intricacies of medical malpractice lawsuits, from what kind of damages a patient might be able to recover through a malpractice claim, to what options a patient might have if his or her surgery did not go as planned. Our legal staff has experience handling a range of medical malpractice cases from burn injuries to instances when a negligent surgeon has caused a patient's organ damage. He knows that malpractice claims might arise when a doctor fails to provide follow-up therapy or treatment, as well as following an initial course of treatment.

Our law firm has helped past clients successful navigate a medical malpractice claim, help him or her secure compensation owed to them for their damages and losses. If you have other questions about a possible case of medical malpractice, please visit our law firm's website. This could provide helpful information about these matters, allowing patients to make informed decisions regarding their matter.

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