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California families need legal counsel after medication errors

Prescription medication is intended to help patients with their health concerns. Whether its prescribed to help a patient overcome an illness, ward off infection or keep a patient's condition at bay, medications, when taken in appropriate dosages and as intended, are designed to foster a patient's improved health. However, as California residents are undoubtedly aware, and as this blog reported in a previous post, medication errors occur all too frequently and sometimes these errors result in tragic consequences.

Prescription medication errors may occur in a number of different ways. The failure of a negligent physician or negligent nurse to properly obtain a patient's medical history can have potentially fatal consequences.

The treating doctor may be distracted or in a rush to end his shift, and not properly considering a patient's medical history, as well as other prescription drugs a patient may be taking, can result in dangerous consequences if a newly prescribed drug negatively interacts with a patient's existing medication.

Additionally, the completely wrong medication may be prescribed or administered to a patient, or a provider can make a dosage mistake that causes serious injury to a patient. A negligent pharmacist may improperly fill a prescription and a patient may unknowingly take a drug that is dangerous for him or her, thereby leading to serious health complications.

Attorney Steven I. Kastner knows that these situations arise all too frequently, and that families need experienced legal counsel following such errors. He has experience investigating the cause of a medication error, which can involve a complicated process of analyzing the path the medication took from the prescriber to the pharmacy to a potentially negligent nurse who administered the medication.

Just as there are many prescription drugs that a patient might take, there are many ways for a patient to receive the wrong drug or a dangerous combination of prescriptions. For additional information on how Steven I. Kastner may be able to help a family obtain justice as well as appropriate compensation in the wake of a medication error, please visit our webpage. This can help individuals gain a better understanding of their situation, helping him or her make an informed decision.

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