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November 2015 Archives

California doctors not required to reveal probation to patients

A California patient who goes in to see his or her doctor likely anticipates that he or she will receive care from a knowledgeable and responsible source, a doctor who is properly trained and allowed to be treating patients. What California patients may not anticipate is that the doctor they are seeing is actually on probation due to surgical errors or other misconduct. Under current law, doctors do not have to disclose information about their probationary status to patients.

Can electronic health records affect Californians' health care?

Changes and advances in technology play a role in the lives of many California residents. From smart phones to cars that park themselves, technology is changing how we live in many ways. Advances in technology are also visible in the field of health care, from the medical treatments available to advanced drug formulations and even for record-keeping.

Shoulder dystocia leads to medical expenses, injuries

Even the slightest health risk or complication has been known to worry pregnant women and soon-to-be fathers for generations. Certainly no California parent wants to find him or herself facing a situation in which their baby is at risk for a serious health complication or birth injury. One relatively rare but still potentially serious birth injury that may worry parents is shoulder dystocia.

California families need legal counsel after medication errors

Prescription medication is intended to help patients with their health concerns. Whether its prescribed to help a patient overcome an illness, ward off infection or keep a patient's condition at bay, medications, when taken in appropriate dosages and as intended, are designed to foster a patient's improved health. However, as California residents are undoubtedly aware, and as this blog reported in a previous post, medication errors occur all too frequently and sometimes these errors result in tragic consequences.