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Helping California patients following emergency room errors

Emergency rooms are often fast-paced, frantic environments. California patients typically visit emergency rooms when they have urgent health concerns that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled doctor's visit. In these urgent moments, doctors and nurses have to make quick assessments about a patient's health condition. Unfortunately, working at a frantic pace, as emergency room doctors often do, can lead to mistakes.

The mistakes that may occur in an emergency room are wide-ranging. Sometimes mistakes are made at the diagnosis stage, or an emergency room staff member may not take proper precautions to provide thoroughly clean medical devices and tools. Such failure to provide a properly sterile environment may lead to hospital-associated infections, as this blog reported in a previous post. In other instances, emergency room errors may lead to a patient receiving the wrong medication or not receiving the necessary treatment to prevent serious or even fatal consequences.

Delayed assistance in the emergency room could potentially be fatal for a patient who comes in with a heart attack or stroke symptoms. It is imperative that doctors diagnose serious conditions promptly and provide treatment as soon as possible. Additionally, sometimes a referral to a specialist is needed. An emergency room doctor's failure to provide such a referral can lead to serious health consequences for a patient.

Steven I. Kastner has experience assisting clients who have suffered adverse health consequences due to failures of emergency room treatment. He can help clients identify where a particular course of treatment did not meet the required standard of care and subsequently present a case for monetary damages on a client's behalf.

For additional information about how the Law Firm of Steven I. Kastner helps clients handle the repercussions of emergency room malpractice, please visit our webpage.

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