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Hypoxia poses serious danger for infants' health in California

Childbirth is at the same time both simple and complex. On the one hand, women have been giving birth for many thousands of years, occurring with little to no problems. On the other, there are many medical complications that may arise during this major medical event. When a California woman is going through child birth, it is of the utmost importance that the medical staff attending to her fully monitor the health of the baby and the mother, as the failure to do so could result in serious birth injuries.

One such birth injury that may result from treatment by a negligent nurse or doctor is hypoxia. This condition results if a baby does not receive life-sustaining oxygen to its brain. This deprivation could occur before, during or after delivery.

It is imperative that a baby who has been deprived oxygen receives treatment immediately. Effective and life-saving treatment will include making sure that the baby has a stable oxygen flow. Once a baby's oxygen levels are properly managed, additional treatment may include fluid management, ensuring that the baby has proper ventilation, as well as cooling therapy.

Hypoxia can be mild, with a baby recovering from the oxygen deprivation, particularly if the infant receives proper and effective treatment immediately, or it could result in permanent disability and severe brain injury. It is possible that a baby who suffers from severe hypoxia will require long-term care and face a lifetime of struggle.

Hypoxia is a condition that an attentive physician could prevent. Serious and debilitating injuries to an infant could be avoided by providing quick and effective treatment. Failure to do so may not only mean serious consequences for the baby and his or her family, but may also constitute medical malpractice.

A family whose child suffers from the effects of hypoxia may wish to understand the legal rights afforded to them. This could help them take timely action, protecting their rights and interests as well as the health of their baby.

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