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Becoming a doctor takes a great deal of education and hands-on experience. It is a skilled profession that requires a tremendous amount of knowledge about how to treat patients effectively and safely. The training and experience required generally produce positive results, with doctors treating patients so that patients' health improves.

Sometimes, however, California doctors make mistakes which can result in harm to patients. As this blog discussed in a previous post, doctors who perform outpatient surgery can increase the risk of patient infections if they do not follow proper procedures. It is imperative that doctors monitor patients thoroughly during surgery, as well as post-surgery, for any infections or other issues that may arise and affect a patient's recovery.

At times it can be difficult to determine who precisely is responsible for the error that has led to a patient's injury. Whether the injury resulted from a nurse's failure to treat infections or a failure to obtain informed consent, medical error can take on many forms. It may be difficult to determine whether an injury stems from the inherent risk of a surgical procedure itself or from doctor negligence.

Having a lawyer like Steven I. Kastner who is experienced in identifying the responsible party and proceeding in a case against that party or parties can help simplify what may be a complex process. He reviews patient records with clients to help interpret whether the care they received was below the required standard of care. If it was, Mr. Kastner can help a patient proceed with a medical malpractice lawsuit to recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

For additional information, please visit the firm's doctor and hospital malpractice webpage.

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