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Could cerebral palsy be caused by a negligent doctor?

Parents face many unknowns before they bring a baby into this world. What will the baby look like? Will the baby sleep? How difficult will labor be for the mother? Perhaps the most pressing concerning for many California parents is - will the baby be healthy? Fortunately, most babies are born healthy and without serious complications. But, in some cases, birth injuries occur and lead to lifelong consequences.

Some parents may have an infant who has cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy can occur when injury is sustained to the baby's brain during delivery, or if a baby does not receive enough oxygen during delivery. The disorder affects a person's posture, movement and muscle ability. It may mean that a child is delayed in his or her development. A child with cerebral palsy may not talk, crawl or smile in the same time frame as other children his or her age. Additionally, hearing or vision problems are associated with cerebral palsy, as is poor coordination and involuntary movements.

Cerebral palsy that develops in connection with a birth injury could arise due to a number of different scenarios. If a negligent doctor does not provide sufficient oxygen to a baby during the delivery process the baby could develop cerebral palsy. A doctor who fails to act expediently in performing a cesarean section may cause cerebral palsy in an infant. Additionally, an infant who is born extremely premature or who suffers a head trauma and experiences prolonged bleeding in the brain following delivery may develop cerebral palsy.

How cerebral palsy will affect each individual person will vary widely. From those with almost normal intellectual abilities and the ability to walk, to those who cannot walk and who experience intellectual disabilities, there is a wide range. If you or a loved one has received treatment at the hands of a negligent doctor that has led to the development of cerebral palsy in a child, it may be beneficial to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney to discuss available options.

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