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Man describes mother's two prescription medication errors

With the number of people living in California it's inevitable than many will require prescriptions to stay healthy. But, one issue that can occur is prescription medication errors. Any medication errors can be dangerous, but when there is a dosage mistake or an error made by a negligent pharmacist, those who are receiving the drugs might be more vulnerable than others to negative side effects. If there is an injury or fatality because of these mistakes, it's important that those who have been harmed know how to move forward in seeking compensation.

According to a recent report, a man became worried when his mother was subject to prescription medication errors not once, but twice within a year. He had the prescription filled at the same location, and both times there was a mistake. In both instances the woman received the medication she was supposed to receive, but the size of the pills was incorrect. The first instance, in September, had pills that were twice the size they were supposed to be, meaning she'd get double the dosage she was meant to get. The second time, they were too small. This problem is not a small one, as 400 pharmacies received fines or citations for mistakes in 2014. The woman was not injured, but that was only because her son was paying attention to the medication she was taking.

People can suffer severe illness or even die because of these kinds of mistakes. Any kind of medical mistake can result in terrible consequences to those who were affected. There can be massive medical costs, the need for greater treatment and long-term damage. This can lead to long-term issues financially and personally that can never be undone. There are many kinds of medical mistakes that can happen and cause injury or death. Some of the more egregious are when a negligent pharmacist gives the wrong medication, there is a failure to read a doctor's handwriting properly or a dosage mistake for one reason or another.

While the woman in this case wasn't hurt, she could have been. Given the amount of damage that prescription medication errors can do, one option that those who have been harmed have is to seek to be compensated via litigation.

Source:, "Consumer: Costco gave my mom the wrong pills," Kyle Harvey, Jan. 13, 2015

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