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January 2015 Archives

Man describes mother's two prescription medication errors

With the number of people living in California it's inevitable than many will require prescriptions to stay healthy. But, one issue that can occur is prescription medication errors. Any medication errors can be dangerous, but when there is a dosage mistake or an error made by a negligent pharmacist, those who are receiving the drugs might be more vulnerable than others to negative side effects. If there is an injury or fatality because of these mistakes, it's important that those who have been harmed know how to move forward in seeking compensation.

Dangers and frequency of surgical equipment left inside a patient

When people in San Diego, across the state and country undergo a surgical procedure there is an immense amount of trust placed into the medical professionals overseeing it. A surgeon mistake can have long-term consequences and even end up being a fatal surgical error and result in death. While certain errors are almost understandable when placed into a certain context of simple human mistakes, one error that should never happen is surgical equipment left inside a patient. This might sound like a rare occurrence, but a study showed that from 2005 to 2012, almost 800 incidents occurred in which surgical equipment was left behind after a surgery was supposed to have been completed.

What is informed consent?

If you are sick or injured, receiving top-notch medical care is important for your recovery. Most people in San Diego who are under the care of a physician want to understand their treatment options and how these options can help them get better. To do so, however, patients need to have informed consent with regard to their health care.

How are surgical errors being prevented?

Every individual going into surgery knows that there are risks that come with the process. Some relief can come through knowing that the overseeing physicians have years of medical experience and knowledge. However, the availability of widespread knowledge was not always as accessible as one might hope.