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October 2014 Archives

Could ordering a CT scan constitute medical malpractice?

Although Western medicine may be renowned for its advanced diagnostic imaging technology, a recent article reminds us that testing should always be appropriate to an individual patient’s circumstances. Said another way, too much testing may actually be unsafe.

Taking a closer look at anesthesiology-related injuries

Readers may not realize that anesthesiology errors can be just as serious as other types of medical mistakes. Anesthesiology medications, if administered in the wrong dosage, could cause serious side effects or reactions, possibly leading to cardiac arrest, stroke or other injuries.

Emergency room discharge may have been negligent

Readers have likely heard about the recent Ebola scare, as well as the death of a 42-year-old Dallas man who was the first reported case in the United States. The man’s surviving loved ones are now asking some tough questions of the doctors that treated him. 

Do lower nurse-to-patient staffing levels improve safety?

In recent posts, we've explored some technological approaches to improving patient safety and reducing the risk of medical mistakes and injuries. Some new proposals include digital diagnostic coding and a standardized inventory system for surgical tools.